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4 Apps To Sort Your Head Out

There’s no doubt modern life can be very stressful, but technology can help you cope. These four apps combine proven science and medicine with gamification and compelling design to improve our mental health.

aliceatkinson2012 3 years ago

How Reality Mining Will Transform Healthcare

Technology can help improve the quality of life for the older generation

aliceatkinson2012 3 years ago

Schools Want To Work With Apple, Google And Microsoft To Plug Skills Gap

Tech Companies Are Teacher’s Dream Partners According To UK Survey

aliceatkinson2012 3 years ago

5 Startups To Watch From London Tech Week 2016

Last week saw hundreds of events taking place across the UK capital exploring the hottest trends in tech.

aliceatkinson2012 3 years ago

How Technology Is Bridging The Education Gap In Africa

Train for Tomorrow will support training for 5000 teachers in Ghana

aliceatkinson2012 3 years ago

8 Lebanese Innovations From DES Madrid 2016

May saw the debut of the Digital Enterprise Show, an event dedicated to showcasing the latest cutting-edge technology, focusing on practical business applications. Some of those came from what might be considered unlikely places. Lebanon, for example, is an emerging start-up powerhouse in the Middle East. The UK Lebanon Tech Hub , which fosters some of the most promising Lebanese companies in a six-month accelerator programme based in London’s Tech City, and they have recently taken some of their rising stars to unveil their products in Madrid. Here’s the scoop:

aliceatkinson2012 3 years ago

5 Coolest VR Launches from MWC 2016

The dust is settling from the biggest show in the phone industry, yet the buzz at Mobile World Congress was not around mobile per se, but Virtual Reality. Most VR hardware still runs off PCs, but the race is on to bring better chips to market that will power that experience on mobile. With the 5G rollout set to enable features such as 360 video streaming to VR headsets, the post-MWC consensus is that mobile will drive the mainstream adoption of the technology. As 2016 shapes up to be the year of VR, here’s what to watch out for:

aliceatkinson2012 3 years ago

5 New Year's Resolutions That Will Make You A Better Manager In 2016

These five tips will help you make 2016 a happy new year for your business

aliceatkinson2012 3 years ago

5 Most Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns Ever

Crowdfunding is hot and here to stay, with millions of projects getting funded and billions of dollars pledged every year. But can you guess what the biggest crowdfunded ideas are?

aliceatkinson2012 5 years ago