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7 Hottest Continents In The Game Right Now

Here are 7 up and coming landmasses that you need to know about ranked from best to worst in no particular order.3 shocked me and you won't believe 5.

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North America

"We are not Indian-Americans, African-Americans, Irish-Americans, rich Americans, or poor Americans. We are all Americans." - Bobby Jindal.

Sick of this "North" bs dividing the country and the continent.


"We are not Indian-Stralians, African-Stralians, Irish-Stralians, rich Stralians, or poor Stralians. We are all Stralians." -Bobby "Down-Under" Jindal.

Sick of this whole "Au," garabge. It's time to drop it and stop dividing Stralians into Australians and Stralians. We're all Stralians.

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