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    I Made Celebrity Portraits Entirely Out Of Food And Here Are The Results

    Celebs made with snacks, lookin' like snacks.

    1. Bob Ross with his happy little trees lookin' like a chocolate snack.

    2. "Don't chase the paper, chase the chocolate." - Biggie Smalls

    3. Salvador Dali-cious.

    4. The Sanderson Sisters looking spooky and yummy.

    5. Frida(licious) Kahlo.

    6. Edchup Sheeran.

    7. Why eat Barack-oli when you can eat chocolate?

    8. "Chocolate is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein

    9. Cardi B lookin' like a spicy mami chocolate tamale.

    10. Who runs the world?

    11. You need to calm down about this Taylor Swift chocolate snack.

    12. It's an Obamanation if you don't like ketchup.

    13. And finally, Soylena Gomez.