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    Sep 15, 2014

    The Real Dogs Of #LiteraryPuppies

    #LiteraryPuppies is not just your favorite hashtag today. It's for real. #LiteraryPuppies IRL.

    When I grow up, I'm going to read every book in that stack. And then every book at the library, too.

    Tom Maisey / Via Flickr: tomm

    Josie won her first book giveaway. *furiously wags tail* (Hope she likes the book, Kitty Cornered!)

    Reading the last chapter and thinking, "How will I ever go on when this book is over?"

    Soggydan Benenovitch / Via Flickr: soggydan

    "These are my books. There are others like them. But these, these are mine."

    generalising / Via Flickr: shimgray

    Belle waits patiently (or more accurately, impatiently) for her friend to finish the book she's dying to talk to them about.

    No you can't borrow that book. My book shelf, my kingdom.

    Majento / Via Flickr: majento

    Just give me a moment to finish this book so we can read Water for Elephants. (Ughhhh. Hurry up! We're falling asleep waiting for you.)

    Craig Moore / Via Flickr: craige

    Must. Stay. Awake. To. Finish. Book.

    Laurel F / Via Flickr: laurelfan

    That feeling when someone asks, "Hey, what're you reading?" just as you were getting to a good part.

    The bliss that is a nap after a long reading sesh.

    The fury that is a person constantly interrupting a good book.

    Could you not read over my shoulder, bro? It's distracting.

    Peter Pawlowski / Via Flickr: pawlowski

    Bringing books to bed with you, because you can't get a good night's sleep without getting at least 2 solid chapters in.

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