16 Reasons Traditional Families Are The Only Valid Families

    Traditions are important.

    1. This family who has a tradition of spending the summer at the beach.

    2. This large family who has a tradition of spending Sundays together in the countryside.

    3. This family who can't go without their traditional Friday afternoon walk.

    4. This family who has a 40-year-long tradition of sitting together on the porch at the end of the day and enjoying each other's company.

    5. This family whose favorite tradition is to put on costumes for Mardi Gras.

    6. This family has a tradition of going outside to play soccer every autumn.

    7. This family who has a tradition of taking a picture of themselves at the beach every year.

    8. This family who loves traditions. Like going on a short trip to the forest when fall comes and enjoying the landscape together.

    9. This family whose tradition is to give each other personalized cards every birthday.

    10. This family, who has made it a tradition to watch television together on the rug on the weekends.

    11. This family, who gets together for lunch with grandma and grandpa every weekend.

    12. This family who will carry on the tradition of helping each other prepare for an important event. Even if it is their own wedding.

    13. This family whose tradition is to watch the Powerpuff Girls defeat Mojo Jojo together in bed.

    14. This family who has a 30-year-long tradition of visiting the best vineyards and enjoying good wine together.

    15. This family who has traditionally been a family of artists—and everything suggests that it will continue to be one.