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    25 Questions About "Jurassic Park" That We Just Have To Address

    Wasn't a goat too small a meal for a Tyrannosaurus rex?

    1. Isn't a goat too small a meal for a Tyrannosaurus rex?

    2. And why didn't it eat the leg?

    3. Why were there so few employees in that park?

    4. What exactly is a mathematician supposed to contribute to this journey?

    5. So people could go to the park and see NOTHING if the dinosaurs didn't bother to come to the fence?

    6. If the cars drove themselves, what did they need steering wheels for?

    7. Couldn't they do a better job on Mr. DNA, considering that they had CREATED DINOSAURS?

    8. How could Alan Grant carry a six-inch raptor claw in his pocket for a whole day and still have a leg?

    9. Was it necessary for John Hammond to be in every single presentation at the park?

    10. How does Ellie expect to find anything in a five-foot-high pile of dung?

    11. How the hell does the Dilophosaurus get into Dennis Nedry's car?

    12. And how does the T. rex get into the visitor center for the final scene? Does it duck to fit its head through the door frame?

    13. Why didn't Tim climb in between the wires rather than over them? He clearly could have!

    14. Didn't they go a little overboard with cooking if they were expecting only six guests?

    15. All right, they cloned the dinosaurs by using blood extracted from mosquitoes, but how the hell did they make the plants?

    16. What did they tell this guy's family?

    17. Whose idea was it to put explosives next to the enclosure with Velociraptors?

    18. Why are there Velociraptors next to the visitor center?

    19. Where the hell is the other half of this helicopter's seat belt?

    20. What are glasses of water doing on the dashboard of a car?

    21. Why is the only thing left standing after the T. rex attacks Gennaro the toilet? Were there no sinks?

    22. And why did they carry flares? Weren't they a bit too well prepared for the worst case scenario?

    23. Why did the idea that the dinosaurs could change their sex occur to Alan Grant and not to the scientists who created them?

    24. How the hell does Alan Grant know that dinosaurs are warm-blooded simply by looking at them?

    25. And most importantly, Phil, where the heck were you while the dinosaurs were busy eating people?!

    This post was translated from Spanish.