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22 Pictures Of Pools That Definitely Don't Look Like Anything Else

You know... they actually remind me of something, but I don't really know what...

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1. Sometimes you just look at a pool and think: "something here seems odd, but I don't know exactly what".

2. Sometimes they slightly resemble something you're familiarized with, but you just can't recall what it is.

3. Hmm, maybe seeing it from this angle would help?

4. Seriously, it's like it's right there on the tip of your tongue.

Google Maps / Via


6. It's definitely something that a lot of people are obsessed with, because everyone wants their pool shaped like one.

7. It's not an airplane. Almost, but not quite.

Rubiooo / Via

8. It's something that comes in lots of shapes and sizes, I guess, but you still know it when you see it.

_swinglifeaway / Via

9. How about from this angle? Will that help?

10. It's so frustrating! It just looks so familiar!

11. It's such a simple shape that it could be anything, really.

12. This one is a bit longer, but still has that signature shape.

13. Maybe like an ice cream or something? Something you might lick?

14. Some kind of toy? Something you play with?

15. You see pools like this at a lot of hotels, so it must be something that has a lot of international appeal as well.

16. Some of these oddly shaped pools are a little smaller than the others, but they still get the job done: to refresh.

17. Others are wider than the rest. Almost wider than they are long!

TripAdvisor / Via

18. Sometimes you need one just to unwind and relax. A pool, I mean. I'm still not totally sure what the shape reminds me of.

19. It's one of those things that, even when the proportions are all off, it's still recognizable. Yet, it's still eluding me.

20. The pool on the bottom looks a little like Pac Man. Still not sure about the pool on top though.

21. Hmm...

22. Look, I give up! It's impossible to figure out.


This post was translated from Spanish.

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