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29 Reasons Why "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Is Precious And We Must Save It From Cancellation

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the best shows airing right now and it’s in danger of getting cancelled. Here’s why it should be renewed for a billion more seasons:

Because the world is a bad place where dreams go to die, the very best comedy on TV is in danger of cancellation. Here is why we cannot allow this to happen.

1. Captain Holt's ADORABLE corgi Cheddar needs to make Daddy proud for 10 more seasons.

2. The world needs to see more of Terry's mesmerizing pec dance.

3. Jake and Boyle's endearingly weird bromance is the purest friendship in history.

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Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait.

4. The show is funny even when it's DARK.

5. The diversity and representation in the cast is amazing.

6. Gina is always 10 steps ahead, and life without her wisdom on a weekly basis would be meaningless.

7. The world needs more, not less, of Captain Holt's hip slang.

8. We need to find out whether Jake ever gets around to cleaning out his locker.

9. And then there's the epic action sequences ...

10. ... the top-tier police tactics ...

11. ... and the incredible, iconic musical performances.

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This police-lineup rendition of "I want it that way" from a recent episode proves that this show only gets better with time.

12. The show deals with relevant social issues that other shows won't even acknowledge.

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The powerful episode "Moo Moo" shows Terry facing racial profiling, and handles it beautifully.

13. The show's creator, Michael Shur also created Parks & Rec and The Good Place, as well as writing on The Office. Oh, he also played Mose Shrute.

14. We cannot allow the next Halloween episode to be the last.

15. "Title of your sex tape" is the new "That's what she said," and it's nowhere even close to getting old yet.

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This joke has so much more to teach us.

16. Hitchcock and Scully are national treasures and they need to be protected.

17. We need to spend more time exploring Jake's relationship with his worst enemy/best friend Doug Judy.

18. Adrian Pimento has so much more to give.

19. Boyle has so many more mistakes to make with the English language.

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20. We will all be lost if we don't have Rosa to protect us.

21. And our lives will be sadder and smaller without Jake's countless Die Hard references ...

22. ... the deep and beautiful office friendships ...

23. ... Gina's never-ending sass ...

24. ... Terry's emotional coping mechanisms ...

25. ... Captain Holt's joyful demeanor ...

26. ... Jake and Amy's adorable romance ...

27. ... and Terry's yogurt obsession.

28. Without the team's expert interrogation techniques, we would never learn anything about ourselves.

29. And without Jake's naive optimism, we would be forced to give up hope.

In conclusion WE CANNOT LET THEM CANCEL Brooklyn Nine -Nine. Together we can save this show, and in the process, the planet.