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    11 Reasons College Is The Best Four Years Of Your Life

    I need therapy to cope with the reality that it's actually over.

    1. College just isn't real life. Like, at all.

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    Month-long vacations, living with your best friends, skipping class because you're hungover. NOT. REAL. LIFE.

    2. Time is completely irrelevant.

    LIFETIME, / Via

    "What are you going to do for the rest of your life?"

    3. Every day is a party. / Via

    What is this "class" you speak of?

    4. You learn to accept everything and anything.

    5. You make the friends who've got your back for life.

    Nikki Lynn (Facebook) - Marist College / Via Nikki Lynn

    Actually, they become more than that — a family.

    6. You get to live in beautiful, exotic places to "study."

    Wikimedia: SkareMedia / Creative Commons, / Via

    Wait, that wasn't all a dream?

    7. ...and come back with a million memories to share. / Via

    Seriously y'all. CAN'T. BE. REAL.

    8. Last night's shenanigans become the best stories to share.

    The Hangover - / Via

    9. You bounce back from a weekend of drinking, no problem.

    Happy Madison Productions - / Via

    Really, though. Post-college, hangovers take on an entirely new meaning.

    10. Being the oldest was actually something that was in your favor.

    NBC, Park & Recreation - / Via

    Bow down, freshmen!

    11. ...and the "real world" always seemed years away.

    CBS, How I Met Your Mother - / Via

    I'll get a bottle of the red. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Dedicated to Sara Zadrima.

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