11 Reasons College Is The Best Four Years Of Your Life

    I need therapy to cope with the reality that it's actually over.

    1. College just isn't real life. Like, at all.

    2. Time is completely irrelevant.

    3. Every day is a party.

    4. You learn to accept everything and anything.

    5. You make the friends who've got your back for life.

    6. You get to live in beautiful, exotic places to "study."

    7. ...and come back with a million memories to share.

    8. Last night's shenanigans become the best stories to share.

    9. You bounce back from a weekend of drinking, no problem.

    10. Being the oldest was actually something that was in your favor.

    11. ...and the "real world" always seemed years away.

    Dedicated to Sara Zadrima.