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    Posted on Dec 18, 2014

    The Mindboggling Motorbikes Of Vietnam

    Driving in Vietnam is like real life Wacky Racers. There are 23 motorbikes for every car and most of them have managed to tie, squeeze and balance incomprehensibly huge and bizarre cargo on the back. Meet a few of the main competitors:

    1. The Animal Lovers

    There are an estimated ninety million people in Vietnam, and thirty seven million motorbikes, this compared to less than two million cars. Everything has to get somewhere, animals included.

    Of course it's a poultry task for the Vietnamese...

    Another Side of Vietnam Facebook Group / Via Facebook: 21346846424

    Assuming they've got their best friend...

    Posted on Another Side of Vietnam Facebook Page / Via Facebook: 21346846424

    Some protective headgear...

    Posted on Another Side of Vietnam Facebook Page / Via Facebook: 21346846424

    Enough horsepower...

    Photo posted on ASOV / Via Facebook: 21346846424

    And big enough cojones.

    The Saigoneer / Via

    2. The Removal Men

    The Saigoneer / Via

    Occassionally someone needs to move house, only there aren't any delivery vans on offer

    Which can sometimes make it difficult to drive

    Saigoneer / Via

    But the Vietnamese will find a way

    And still won't leave their friends behind

    3. The Comedy Sketches

    The Saigoneer / Via

    The daily commute is pretty dangerous. You continuously have to dodge ladders and giant unframed panes of glass carried on motorbikes, it starts to feel like a Charlie Chaplin movie...

    With passengers almost falling off

    The Saigoneer / Via

    Or even floating away

    4. The Business Ventures

    Some Vietnamese have decided to skip the drive to work, instead opting for running their businesses from the back of their bikes.

    From portable florists

    To mobile green-grocers

    To roving restaurants

    All the way to travelling china shops

    5. The Behemoths

    Guided by the mantra 'Where there's a will and a battered up 50's Honda Cub there's a way', drivers defy gravity by bundling astonishing amounts of huge and cumbersome objects on the back.

    Be it size

    Posted by Johnny Le on Another Side of Vietnam Facebook Group / Via Facebook: 21346846424


    Saigoneer / Via

    Or sheer awkwardness

    6. The Meals on Wheels

    Photo from ASOV / Via Facebook: 21346846424

    Vietnam gives fast food a whole new meaning, whether it's breakfast


    Sian Cresswell

    Or dinner...

    ASOV facebook group / Via Facebook: 21346846424

    7. The Inexplicable

    The Saigoneer / Via

    Then there are those so majestically mysterious that you will never really know what you're looking at

    There are those so weird that you woodn't believe them unless you saw them

    The Saigoneer / Via

    Those that seemingly bend the rules of physics

    Saigoneer / Via

    And parenting

    The Saigoneer / Via

    There are some that shake the very pillars of civilisation

    Motorbike to rent in Saigon / Via

    And others that will just make you smile.

    Kristopher Kotcher

    8. But at least we can take solace in knowing it's how it's always been

    Posted on ASOV, original source unknown / Via Facebook: 21346846424

    9. Alex Sinclair-Lack is a freelance writer and teacher living in Hanoi, Vietnam.

    Follow his blog for more pictures of Vietnam's crazy roads and links to his other work.

    If you're interested in the incredible teaching opportunities in Vietnam check out his exciting new start-up 'Teacher's Friend - Vietnam':

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