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    Surge And Mello Yello Stole The Show On Last Night's "30 Rock"

    So watch these GIFs of it, because your old '90s soda friends are TV stars now.

    The highlight of last night's "30 Rock" wasn't Liz Lemon's wedding. It was a special appearance by...

    John Hodgman (non-soda guest star) played a creepy Arizona man who introduced this '90s Surge commercial, featuring Surge swag, bought with "Surge Points"...

    ...and starring Jenna Maroney.

    Hodgman reveals that he's bought up enough old cases of Surge to get 1 million Surge points, making Jenna officially his slave.

    So Hodgman visits Jack Donaghy, showing him the Surge contest rules to make his Jenna purchase official...

    ...but Jack uses an official Surge technicality to get Hodgman to trade the Surge points for Jenna's cash value...

    ...which has depreciated to $2000 since the '90s. Hodgman's character takes the deal, saying that in Arizona that kind of money gets you a castle and...

    And "30 Rock" gave us an even better Mello Yello fix last night. It was hidden in the t-shirt Criss wore for this "America's Funniest Home Videos" audition tape (that probably made him infertile):

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