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7 Treats You Love That Are Better In Japan

Discover how the greatest snacking culture in the world improves your unhealthiest favorites.

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And if you're willing to run the risks with regular sugary soda, there's always that seasonal Pepsi Mont Blanc flavor released in Japan in the winter of 2010. It's got earthy tones of coffee and chestnut, to go along with a hint of vanilla, and a twinge of jealousy in every soda drinker reading this sentence in the Western Hemisphere. / Via

And get ready for December 11th, because that's when folks in Japan get to enjoy Pepsi White. It's clear, it's orange-flavored, and it's got an adorable variety of cartoon snowmen on the label. Pepsi White proves that Japan's not only better at classic Pepsi, but they're also better at failed weird versions of Pepsi.

3. Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Pizza / Via

December isn't just a time of delicious Kit Kat and Pepsi varieties in Japan. It's also the time of year for ideas like Pizza Hut Japan's "Winter Double King", a pie featuring toppings like beef, king crab, potatoes, corn, and eggs. Biggest highlight: a stuffed crust piled with nuggets of mayonnaise-filled shrimp.

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And don't forget their "German King" pizza. If this were poker, Pizza Hut Japan sees your pizza crust stuffed with cheese, and raises you this monster edge loaded with cheese and sausage and bacon.

4. Fast Food Burgers / Via

Burger King Japan rolled out this Pumpkin Burger as a limited-time fall special this year. Those big thick slices of "pumpkin" are actually fried kabocha squash (known as "Japanese pumpkin"), which means this burger's an exotic treat and a perfect match for your standard October latte.

Burger King also celebrated their five-year anniversary in Japan by offering an all-you-can-eat special to every customer for five days straight. / Via

And don't go thinking Japanese McDonald's didn't rise to BK's challenge, because they took the whole burger game to another level with this deep-fried macaroni seafood salad burger. While other countries eat burgers with boring beef patties, this seasonal bad boy boasts a patty of shrimp and macaroni, crusted with breadcrumbs, then deep-fried to perfection.

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Japan's also proud to boast potato chip flavors like 'shrooms and bacon, tandoori chicken, and caesar salad, along with this adorable commercial proving that all potato chip pitchmen should be dogs.

7. Whiskey / Via

Japanese whiskey maker Suntory (remember them from the magic fat-blocking Pepsi?) released a Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Whiskey to celebrate the band's longevity. There are only 150 bottles being made and they'll probably all get snapped up by locals. So enjoy your well-deserved Mick Jagger whiskey, Japan. You're kicking ass at every other unhealthy treat, and you deserve a stiff drink at the end of the food-crazy day.

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