48 Gun-Totin’ Christmas Moments

‘Tis the season TO RELOAD?

1. Everybody knows the big Christmas tradition involving guns: Ralphie and that Red Ryder BB Gun in “A Christmas Story”.

2. Or maybe it’s the Nakatomi Corporation Christmas Party that becomes John McClane’s finest hour in “Die Hard”.

3. Then again, people have been celebrating gun-totin’ Christmases since the olden days.

(Washington D.C., 1922)

4. They were marketed as the perfect Christmas gift.

11. Guns were also celebrated on holiday cards…

12. …and pin-ups.

13. Even today, guns still sell best with a Christmas-themed ad pitch.


This one’s for a pretend-you-have-a-gun iPhone app, available here.

16. Plus, Santa’s always packin’! Like in cartoons…

18. …and in comic books…

22. Anime characters also lock and load for the holidays…

23. …especially when they’re fighting Crazy Combat Cyber Kringles.

24. And don’t even try to find a peaceful Christmas-themed stock photo.

35. So hang up those holiday ornaments!

38. Really stretch your Yuletide gun-decorating abilities.

39. Heck, guns could even be the whole tree!

40. See, it’s the holidays. All that matters is being together with your family, and with Santa, and with SO many guns.

43. Just make sure the whole family’s got firearms.

45. Then once the family’s gone to bed for the night you can get some quality time with your special lady (and also your wife).

47. And hello! Nothing says “the holidays” quite like “The AR-15, 20 inch J&T upper on Stag lower with 6 position stock”.

48. Yes, the spirit of Christmas is truly best expressed by this item from Zazzle.com.

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