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Top 12 Fails We Can See In All Horror Movies

How many horror movies have you watched already? Maybe you can call yourself a real expert of this field? Don't you feel yourself awesome when you see such stupid fails while watching?

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#1 When a protagonist escapes from a killer, he always stumbles or falls.

What's that, dudes? There is such a feeling that horror movies characters don't have legs at all! They are always too slow to escape from a maniac, they always look round to see how far this dork is, and there are always some logs or branches on their way. A great example of such movies is our well-known The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003):

#2 When a protagonist wanna call a police, it appears to be no mobile networks around.

Sitting in a house, a main character can easily call his friends and discuss problems with them. But when he suddenly hears a noise, he says a phrase... well, something like that: “Someone's in the house! I'll call you later!”, and start examining all rooms (one more fail, by the way). And when a maniac appears, and our brave guy tries to call a police or some of his friends at least, all phones stop working at once. The first movie that comes to our minds is Scream (1996) of course; this masterpiece of cinematography is the perfect example of most horror movies fails, as we can see.

#3 No matter how much a protagonist hurts a killer, he stays alive till the very end of the movie anyway.

The Victim (2011) is one of those horror movies, where such a fail can be found.

Well, let's imagine that you were lucky enough to hurt a creepo, or even kill him (they try to make the audience think like this at least). But there are 40 minutes still left till the end of a movie! Something doesn't add up here, does it? Be sure that a killer is still alive, and he'll suddenly appear out of nowhere to kill you.


#4 Trusting a stranger, a protagonist finds out finally, that this kind and sweet person sails in one boat with a killer.

Escaping from a maniac, you meet a friendly man or woman who is always ready to help you, hide you in a house, give you a weapon, call a police for you etc. You are happy to be not alone in this dangerous and really awful situation, and (of course!) you won't even think of that man to work together with a killer. As a rule, it always happens to be so at the end.

Or let's imagine the situation, when your car is suddenly broken on the road, and you go to the nearest house to ask for help. Just like in Husk (2011):

#5 When a protagonist is followed by a killer in a house, he always runs to the second floor or the garret.

We all watched such movies as Scream (1996) or Resident Evil: Retribution (2012). Can you tell me why this crazy lassie runs to a bathroom on the second floor?! Does she really hope a killer won't find her there or won't be able to open the closed door with his big knife? And she is not the only one who does like this: both guys and girls do the same in horror movies. Wouldn't it better to go outside? You'll have more chances to escape and stay safe there anyway! What can we say? Even essay help would not be able to explain this!

#6 If there is a group of friends followed by a killer, they will definitely decide to pair off.

Does anyone understand what they do this for? There is always one clever guy in a company, who comes up with an idea to pair off and find something in a house to help them disarm a killer or escape from him. The Cabin in the Woods (2012) demonstrates this moment perfectly. Yes, that bro was the only one who knew what to do for sure.

As a result, this maniac kills them all one by one, and we see a girl who was lucky to survive and even luckier to beat a maniac. What can we say? It would be impossible to do it together with friends for sure! So, maybe it would be better for all of them to stay together in one room and send her to kill a villain herself?

#7 If there is a pretty chic with a group of friends, she'll definitely be the first one to die.

It was a pleasant surprise to see Paris Hilton in House of Wax (2005), wasn't it? It's a pity, that her role was too small to notice how charming she was...

What a fail, guys! We started watching the movie with a hope this pretty chick could be the one to stay alive at the end, but... Be sure: if a group of friends comes to a desolate house, and there is a hot babe with them, a maniac will definitely choose her to die first. Well, maybe maniacs don't like beautiful women, who knows.


#8 The dead will definitely rise from their graves if there is a zombie virus in a movie.

Only a lazy one didn't watch movies about zombies. As it always happens, a virus appears from nowhere, and all people become the walking dead one by one. No one can survive the apocalypse! Yes, it's very interesting and exciting of course when we speak about the alive, but it's not clear how and why the dead rise from their graves. The virus here is clearly nothing to do with, because, as we all know, a person who is already dead can not be infected by a virus or anything like that.

The great examples of such movies are Dawn of the Dead and The Evil Dead. By the way, this zombie fail is not the only one to meet in movies of this kind. Sad for zombie fans, but true.

#9 Escaping from a maniac who's chasing with an ax, a protagonist will definitely run into a house and remain standing at the door for a killer to cut through it.

No comments, indeed. This fail can be deservedly called the most epic one! And the main thing is that this maniac usually misses a protagonist's head, continues crushing the door, and doesn't even try to open it in a way all normal people usually do. Jack Nickolson was magnificent when he demonstrated it in The Shining (1980):

#10 A group of friends will always go to some desolate and scary places to take a rest there.

Watch Eden Lake (2008) once again. Isn't it a great example for this horror movie fail? Well, it's easy to understand why those buddies do so. It's so exciting and adventurous to spend a weekend somewhere in a mysterious castle with ghosts inside, or in a forest full of different wild animals. One gets an impression that horror movies wouldn't exist without such a plot at all.

#11 Even if a protagonist is sure he's killed a maniac, the last one will definitely stay alive at the end.

Scream, mentioned above, is the great example of this fail. Take any part of the series: the killer stays alive no matter what. All maniacs seem immortal when it comes to horror movies: no matter how many times you shot them, stabbed them with a knife, or threw different heavy things at them. A killer will appear at the end of a movie with no signs of wounds and injures on his body.

#12 A protagonist will definitely need to talk to a maniac, especially at the end of a movie.

It's not enough just to kill a villain you escaped from! You must talk to him, ask him different questions concerning why and how he's become bad, and so on and so forth. Oh yes, a maniac doesn't usually mind answering your questions, and he reveals all his plans, tells about his childhood and people who made him so crazy etc. Just like in Saw II (2005):

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