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23 Important Naomi Campbell Moments From The U.K. Premiere Of "The Face"

GIFs GIFs GIFs, because Naomi Campbell is what GIFs are all about. Also, the show is great.

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Erin and Caroline are both great.

If they keep it up, they might just get GIF recaps to their name in future! After all, at the moment Naomi does have more experience than both combined. (Which is a fact you can be damn sure she mentions during the premiere.)


Why? Because the last time a beauty queen appeared on The Face, things got awkward post-show.

Spoiler: Sophie does not make it onto Team Naomi. Or onto anyone's team in fact. She is sad about that, but (maybe) Naomi is relieved.


Naomi is still laughing. So much it has brought her to tears.

These tears could well be staged, however. I was lucky enough to go and watch an afternoon's filming of The Face earlier this summer and can confirm that Naomi had a makeup artist present at any/all points upon which a touch-up may have proved necessary.


16. And that's enough of the runway stuff. Now it's time for Naomi, Erin and Caroline to pick their teams. First though, Naomi has to let out a stealthy fart.

OMG I'm kidding, she's viewing a model's photo that is particularly edgy/fierce/stunning/odd.

I kind of can't process the fact that I just made a Naomi Campbell fart joke.

Not sure if that's ok or not. But #ohwell. I'm still Team Naomi.


The Face airs on Monday evenings on Sky Living in the U.K.

It's a must-watch, particularly once the eliminations start next week and the competition really gets heated.

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