Scandalous New Fashion Affair Involving Naomi Campbell, Explained With GIFs

Naomi Campbell’s ex-boyfriend is now apparently dating one of the contestants she mentored on modeling show The Face. Get your popcorn ready.

1. Our sordid story of lust and betrayal* begins last July, as auditions opened for would-be contestants on new modeling reality show The Face.

*this may/may not be a slight exaggeration. Decided for yourself.

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2. One of the model hopefuls: Chinese beauty queen Luo Zilin (going by Zi Lin for the show).

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3. Zi Lin won the Miss Universe China pageant in 2011.

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4. And placed fifth overall in that year’s Miss Universe competition.

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5. Zi Lin showed enough model potential to make it through The Face’s pre-show audition process.

ID: 1235507

6. She probably made faces like this to convince the casting directors.

ID: 1235506

7. So “k00t” and kooky.

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8. And she landed a coveted spot on Naomi Campbell’s team of model contestants.

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9. Team Naomi!


This is a big deal. Why? Because Naomi Campbell is a big deal, that’s why.

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10. Zi Lin performed well on the show. Case in point: these sassy dance moves.

ID: 1235367

11. And this stunning beauty shot.

ID: 1235845

12. Notably, during an interview challenge with Wendy Williams, Zi Lin refused to discuss her then-boyfriend, because he’s “famous in China.”

ID: 1237061

13. Of Naomi’s four contestants, she lasted the longest — and made the show’s grand final.

Here she is walking the finale catwalk extravaganza.

ID: 1235621

14. She was a real fan favorite. And she even got a big hug from Naomi at one point.

What more could you ask for, really?

ID: 1235630

15. Well, as it happens, you could ask for… Naomi’s boyfriend.

ID: 1235672

(Note the progression from lower case to ALL CAPS.)

ID: 1235920

22. Page Six reported that Naomi and Vladimir Doronin, her Russian oligarch boyfriend of five years, were “on a break” last month.

Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images

(This is the couple in “happier” times, Vlad’s frown notwithstanding, at Cannes back in 2011.)

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23. Neither party has commented on the alleged split. However, recent photos show Vlad and Zi Lin vacationing together.

Splash News

They’re reportedly in Ibiza on a trip with Leonardo DiCaprio and his new model girlfriend Toni Garrn. Here they are having a nice time walking around and laughing at some rocks. “Igneous formations, hahaha.”

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24. That’s fine, though, because Naomi doesn’t like rocks. Right?

ID: 1235368

25. Here they are on a superyacht.

Splash News
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26. But that’s also fine, because Naomi doesn’t like boats with big, noisy engines. Right?

ID: 1235960

27. And here they are lounging on bean bag chairs.

Splash News

To be fair though, that’s always uncomfortable in hot weather because little pools of sweat collect in the bean bag’s wrinkles and your skin also sticks to the pleather.

ID: 1235934

28. Still with us, Naomi?

ID: 1237044

29. Oh, wait, no, now they’re kissing. Straddling and kissing.

Splash News
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30. And this is Naomi’s face right now.

ID: 1235555

31. Or at least it was when she first read the news. Naomi recently tweeted the following:

#omiquotes The moment a person loses appreciation for the goodness others have done for them is the moment they begin their fall. Blsd day x

— Naomi Campbell (@NaomiCampbell)

Naomi Campbell


#omiquotes The moment a person loses appreciation for the goodness others have done for them is the moment they begin their fall. Blsd day x

ID: 1237016

(She’s a regular tweeter of inspirational “#omiquotes,” but it’s hard to believe this missive didn’t come with a particular subject in mind.)

ID: 1237017

33. Fellow “Team Naomi” contestant Jocelyn added:

I'm completely shocked/disgusted W my 'teammate' Zilin. Never judge a book by it's cover. #truecolors love you @naomicampbell

— Jocelyn Chew (@jocechewbacca)

Jocelyn Chew


I’m completely shocked/disgusted W my ‘teammate’ Zilin. Never judge a book by it’s cover. #truecolors love you @naomicampbell

ID: 1237035

(Incidentally, one of Zi Lin’s last tweets — made only a week before the kissy-kissy photos broke — wished Naomi a happy birthday.)

ID: 1237039

35. Naomi didn’t tweet this gif, but she should have:

ID: 1235292

36. Because of “unprofessional conduct,” Zi Lin has now been dropped by her New York agency.

MIX Models president told The Daily Mail: “[Zi Lin’s] contract with MIX Model Management NYC was terminated last week due to ongoing unprofessional conduct and unacceptable work ethic.” (Vlad remains a billionaire, so there’ll likely be fewer consequences for him.)

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