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    The 13 Most Glamorous Windswept Moments From Beyoncé's New Swimwear Commercial

    This is some "paint with all the colors of the wind" realness. And B sings a new song too.

    H&M released a new commercial this morning featuring the face of their new swimwear line, one Mrs. Carter.

    She writhes around in the surf for a while, flipping her hair.

    And writhes around on the beach too, which is all fun and games until you realize you have sand stuck between your toes and it's just miserable.

    At the end of the commercial there's some campfire fierceness — no smores, though.

    But the best moments come thanks to a sassy wind machine. Here they all are:

    1. When you first see B in her tie-dye bikini from afar.

    2. And then the camera zooms in a bit.

    3. And then zooms in some more again and it's like "omg Beyoncé has tie-dye wings this is fabulous."

    4. And then it's like she's actually going to fly, because you know Beyoncé could.

    5. Definitely thinking about flying.

    6. But then she just twirls the wings around a bit. It's still pretty.

    7. Boom! Backing dancers — with feathers on their arms. Maybe they can fly?

    8. They're limbering up and stretching it out.

    9. They're building up steam.

    10. They are definitely going to fly. Any second now.

    11. Oh no, false alarm. Beyoncé's wings got tangled in her face.

    12. This will have to do.

    13. Also just look at the way B's super-smiling face pops up for a millisecond here and there.

    Now, watch the commercial in full — and hear B's new song — here. You're welcome.

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    Beyoncé knows you'll love it.