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Olympic Zack Morris Disqualified Thanks To Some Pot Brownies

American judo competitor/Saved By The Bell Doppelganger Nick Delpopolo tested positive for marijuana.

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When he wasn't busy looking like he should be trying to woo Kelly Kapowski, Nick Delpopolo competed n the men's judo event last week at the London Olympics. He finished a not great, but considering it's the Olympics, not terrible seventh overall in his weight class. Until today, that is, when officials confirmed he'd tested positive for marijuana (11-nor-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol-9-carboxylic acid specifically) and earned himself a disqualification, retroactively, from the Games.

After the IOC's ruling, Delpopolo released a statement explaining that the result came after the "inadvertent consumption" of a drugged-up brownie he thought was just a regular square of gooey cake-like goodness. Whichever "friend" baked that batch and left it out to cool all tempting-like just before Nick left for the Games must sure be feeling guilty now. Or high. Whatever, it was probably Slater trying to make him look bad.