Kanye West Performed In A Skirt Again Last Night At The Met Ball

A studded leather Givenchy skirt, at that. And, as if he knew the world would be snarking on her floral gown, he gave Kim Kardashian a special shout-out mid-show.

1. After walking the red carpet in a sharp black suit, Kanye changed into an edgy Givenchy ensemble for his performance spot.

2. Here’s the outfit in better lit conditions.

Just lovely.

3. Unfortunately, his paramour Kim Kardashian didn’t change outfits.

She remained in that already infamous gown resembling the old floral couches in the basement at your grandma’s house all night.

4. Don’t worry though, Kanye’s got her (floral-covered) back. Kim got special shout-outs during Kanye’s set.

Coco Rocha


Kanye telling Kim not to worry what anyone says that she’s awesome. Quite touching really. #metgala

5. And look, Kim thinks Kanye’s just swell too.

(That’s a photo from Kim’s Instagram account, with — as of right now — over 190,000 “hearts” from fans seemingly as invested in the couple’s happiness as the happy couple themselves.)

6. Kanye’s set is significant not just because of that lovefest either. He’s wearing skirts again, you see.

Always nice to see he’s got his confidence back.

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