The Internet Reacts To Kim Kardashian’s Bizarre Floral Met Ball Gown

The consensus seems to be that it looks more Raymour & Flanigan than runway couture.

1. Most people seemed to think Kim’s very floral dress made her look like a couch.


Daniela Skeyki


Kim Kardashian vs. couch. BRILLIANT.


Teal Bella Ass Gawd


Why Kanye bring a couch? RT 4rontLine: Just. 😔 RT @AnthonyTilghman: Nice —> Kanye West & Kim Kardashian #METGala


7. Specifically, the kind of couch your grandma has.

9. Others saw other furniture.

10. Homer Simpson.

12. This.


13. An ugly handbag.

14. Miranda Priestly was invoked.

16. And the powers of basic distinction.

17. And finally, here’s a take on Zach Braff.

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