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Deep, Meaningful Questions Posed During Menswear Runway Show

The spring 2014 Michael Bastian show proved to be quite philosophical. Also, there were pineapples!

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The very talented Alice Smith performed acapella numbers from her new album, She, at the spring 2014 Michael Bastian menswear show.

Her performance — right there on the runway — was lovely. (Though for those of us sat right in front of the speakers, it got a little too loud on a few occasions.)

Alice opened the show with her song "Cabaret," specifically. Enjoy a snippet right here.

And note the opening line: "Where are you going with your life? What kind of chances will you take?"

I can only speak for myself, but I was not prepared for that sort of existential introspection on the first day of New York Fashion Week. Mainly I just wanted someone to compliment my shoes. (Spoiler: THEY DIDN'T, THOSE BITCHES.)

Who knows if the sing-song query proved particularly thought-provoking for celebrity attendees Kelly Killoren Bensimon and Cheyenne Jackson, respectively.

Both have had their life choices questioned on occasion, you see. But we're not here to judge, are we?

Anyway at least Kelly and Cheyenne look happy. The question has sent this male model into a pretty moody pit of ennui and self-doubt.

Another question for the ages: WHY DOES NOBODY WEAR SOCKS ANYMORE?

Yeah, as you can see this gaggle of male models backstage are doing everything possible to avoid answering either Q.

Cindy Ord / Getty Images

At least one of this quintet is texting a booker at their agency and asking if someone can come down to the Bastian show venue — that being UES glitzfest The Pierre Hotel — with at least a pair of ankle socks. #truestory.


Or you could wear pants, which, though lacking in citric chic, are also amazing.

Cindy Ord / Getty Images

This is dapper man Nick Wooster being dapper (and slightly menacing, which you'd think would be a tough look to pull off in those pants).


Whereas this bushy beardfest "wins" quite the opposite award. Sorry not sorry, but you can't show up on a runway in sweatpants either.*

Brian Ach / Getty Images

*Disclaimer: unless you're wearing CHINO sweatpants, which just happen to be exactly what I was wearing yesterday. And no-one complimented me on them either, THOSE BITCHES.