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6 Classic '90s Cartoon Characters Enjoying New York Fashion Week

Illustrations courtesy of Swagger New York and illustrator Michele Moricci. Daria Morgendorffer is secretly planning to bring the industry down from the inside, surely.



(Meanwhile the younger Morgendorffer sister is more a de la Renta kinda girl, these days.)






All images courtesy of Swagger New York, which collaborated with Italian designer and illustrator Michele Moricci on the drawings, somehow making the cartoonish world of New York Fashion Week even more, well, cartoony. All six characters featured wear pieces from the autumn/winter collections of the designer whose show they're attending. They're loyal clients like that; they all look good too.

Rumors that the fabulous Carmen Sandiego was spotted bounding into Altuzarra in her signature trench coat can't be confirmed, however — because nobody got a photo of her. Go figure.