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37 Bizarre Fashion Moments From The Billboard Music Awards

Everything from Prince's teal leisurewear to Justin Bieber's leather.

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1. Ke$ha revealed some sidebutt in Givenchy. "Sidebutt" is now the new "sideboob," apparently.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Ke$ha's not wearing underwear. She's not wearing zany makeup either. You decide what's more unusual.


3. Lauryn Hill sang away all her prison blues with an energetic performance.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

Actually, no, this is Prince wearing an outfit he borrowed from an old lady he met while playing slot machines in Atlantic City.

5. Earlier on the red carpet, J.Lo's boyfriend, Casper Smart, had to stand at one side so she and her Zuhair Murad gown could get some photos solo.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

He could just be her bodyguard, which would be weird until you remember he was only her backing dancer before they started dating.

7. Speaking of the Biebs, the leather tunic look might work for Gendry on Game of Thrones, but it's less appropriate here.

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

At least we know how Taylor Swift feels about this outfit/Justin in general. (And on a different note, Gendry looks a lot better when he's not wearing the tunic anyway.)


8. Also, these ridiculous drop-crotch things continue to happen when they really shouldn't

Ethan Miller / Getty Images

You can't even call them pants anymore. You really can't.

11. Nicki Minaj limbered up backstage with some yoga, but then when she put her legs around her shoulders the spikes on her jacket ripped her leggings.


20. Also circa 2009, Audrina Patridge and that chainmail blouse.

David Becker / Getty Images

It's like some folks turned up for just for old times' sake. Or, more likely, turned up with out-of-date invites and the door staff were feeling charitable.


28. Skye Stevens matched his splattered pants with his sneakers, thereby destroying any of the edginess that paint-strewn denim can imply.

31. Another fact: Erykah Badu and Janelle Monae were competing to see who could include more accessories you'd more commonly find on curtains into their outfit.

37. In conclusion, this felt quite normal.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

And when members of a Cirque du Soleil production don't stand out, you know things have gotten out of control.


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