The Only Appropriate “Just Saw Jelena Kissing” Reaction GIF

Thank you for this, Taylor Swift.

1. Wait for it.

Imgur / Billboard Music Awards on ABC.
ID: 1190803

3. Below, a concise list of other things that elicit this response from Taylor:

ID: 1190845

4. 1. When Bieber groped/didn’t grope a fan during a photocall.

ID: 1190889

5. 2. Katy Perry

ID: 1190855

6. 3. Mayonnaise

(aka the Devil’s condiment.)

ID: 1190854

7. 4. When her ex Taylor Lautner looks like a (drunk) llama.

Dave Hogan / Getty Images
ID: 1190863

8. 5. When Gawker reports about her other ex Joe Jonas and his new girlfriend (allegedly) filmed their “hardcore” sexy times.

ID: 1190862

9. 6. And when fans of her also other ex Harry Styles remain convinced he’s secretly in love with his fellow 1D member Louis.

ID: 1190859

10. 7. This photo opportunity.

Dimitrios Kambouris / WireImage for Marc Jacobs
ID: 1190860

11. 8. That time Paris Hilton claimed to own a teacup pig.

ID: 1190858

12. 9. And that time Adele wore a hair bow.

Ken McKay / Rex USA
ID: 1190857

14. 11. Fanmail

Kylee Francescon / Splash News
ID: 1190910

15. 12. And when she’s reminded of the time she featured in Abercrombie & Fitch ads.

ID: 1190856

h/t Reddit

ID: 1190926

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