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9 Photos Of Topless Feminists Protesting Against The International Olympic Committee In London (NSFW)

FEMEN activists are at it again.

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A small group of FEMEN activists held a protest yesterday afternoon near London's Tower Bridge. This time the group — now well-known for their topless shenanigans — came out in near-naked force against the International Olympic Committee, and the IOC's apparent enabling of "bloody Islamist regimes" which suppress women's rights. (Slogans painted on their otherwise bare chests included "No Sharia," "Olympic Shame," and the unfortunately punny — but not funny — "Speed Raping.") While bemused Brits stood around taking cell-phone photos, the protestors ran around some buildings for about 10 minutes before being bundled up and covered up by police called to the scene. Four activists were later charged with disorderly behavior; the IOC had no comment. Nipples below:

Technically this lady isn't topless. But she was still arrested: