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9 Delightful Gifs Of A 91 Year-Old Fashionista At The Zoo

Iris Apfel took a daytrip to London Zoo with British designer Duro Olowu, and Nowness went along to film their fun times.

1. At first Iris was a little apprehensive about all the animals.


Which is understandable — London Zoo includes a terrifying bird enclosure where I was once dive-bombed by a malevolent parrot.

2. But then she got into the spirit of things. Here she is waving at some lions.

3. "Rawr"

4. She likes tigers too.


Unrelated: this is just another llama who wishes he were a model.

5. The camels are a hoot.

6. "They've got the hump LOL"

7. Jokes aside, they're adorable.


8. Also adorable: penguins.

9. But this motorized rooster rocking-horse is a bit much for Iris.


She's like, "haha but no thanks, not for me."

And that's it for the day. After all, too much excitement is no fun all.

See the film in full at Nowness.

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