10 Llamas Who Wish They Were Models

To be honest, EVERY llama wants to be a model. Here are 10 of them. With apologies to Tim Mills.

10. This llama misses the feeling she got when she was a kid and everyone watched her do normal person things.

ID: 1220614

9. This llama wishes she didn’t have to pay to get her hair done.

ID: 1220647

8. This llama just wants to get paid to travel the world.

ID: 1220603

7. This llama just wants to know if he’s handsome enough to make it in modeling.

Enrique Marcarian / Reuters
ID: 1220538

6. This llama was told by some guy on tumblr that her selfies were “as good as a model’s.”

Matt Cardy / Getty Images
ID: 1220541

5. This llama is hoping to transition from modeling to pop music as soon as possible.

ID: 1220659

4. This llama is just extremely confident that he is better looking than the skinny weirdos he sees in magazines.

ID: 1220615

3. This llama is in it for the free clothes.

ID: 1220618

2. The llama on the right thinks she’s destined for Vogue, but the llama on the left secretly knows she’ll never make it :(.

ID: 1220619

1. And this llama is just feeling FABULOUS!

ID: 1220575

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