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22 Things To Love About The Spring 2014 Richard Chai Fashion Show

Mostly THE JONAS BROTHERS, but also Colton Haynes. And the clothes too, duh.

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1. Because of this stellar, fan fic-worthy front row: Zachary Quinto, Jonas Brothers Kevin, Nick and Joe, and Colton Haynes

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

Christina Ricci also sat front row not far from Zachary, but far enough all the same to miss out on this wonderful photo opportunity.

2. And then the brotherly trio posed together and Joe had something sparkly on his pocket.

(Kevin's shirt also featured some sparkly rhinestone stripes on the back.)

4. Also, more photos of Colton Haynes, who gamely posed backstage with Richard Chai himself.

Upon leaving the show, Colton bumped into me and immediately said, "Sorry," which was nice. I said, "No worries," which was sort of a lie because what I actually meant was, "OMG COLTON HAYNES, TOUCH ME AGAIN."

8. Maybe two exceptions, because Kevin Jonas loves his iPhone camera.

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

And just incidentally, Kevin likes cameras so much that he went to the Best Buy opposite Lincoln Center and bought a new one after the show. Everyone there apart from myself did a disconcertingly good job at not appearing starstruck.

17. Oops. Let's take a quick moment to celebrate this moment when it looked like one poor model would faceplant, BUT SHE DIDN'T.

18. The show's male models walked in mostly monochromatic looks.

They looked a little bit grumpy, but that's probably just the direction provided backstage. "Make it seem like you don't want to be here" is something models get told a lot, for some reason.

19. Or in light sky blues — slightly reminiscent of old-school Calvin Klein, but effortlessly contemporary all the same. Perfect for the urban utilitarian.

22. And refreshingly, the show's model cast appeared more than reasonably diverse without appearing in the least bit tokenistic.

You know, like the casting team saw a diverse bunch of models and picked the best ones, without a "quota" or whitewash at hand.

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