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16 Tumblr Posts About "Shrek" That Are Ogre-Whelmingly Hilarious

Shrek is love. Shrek is life.

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1. When Shrek was #lifegoals.

2. This unsettling thought.

3. The most amazing hybrid there ever was.

4. This piece of bathroom poetry.

5. This magnificent miscommunication, courtesy of the Jonas Brothers.

6. A reminder of what could've been.

And thank the Lord Farquad, it wasn't.

And thank the Lord Farquad, it wasn't.

7. This post that just might ruin your childhood.

8. The footwear you never knew you needed.

9. This homemaking pro-tip.

10. Nectar of the (Ogre) Gods.

11. The one where Shrek becomes a politician.

Shrek for Ogre-lord 2016.

Shrek for Ogre-lord 2016.

12. This character description.

13. This fantasy realized.

14. This job interview that'll make you go, "Same."

15. The most well-designed accessory.

16. This post that kinda ruins the romantic aspects of the movie.

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