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    Posted on Jul 2, 2013

    Look At This Prosthetic LEGO Leg


    Christina, aka YouTube user AmputeeOT, decided to make herself a fun new prosthetic.

    She starts with an important warning, though:

    "Someone in my research lab jokingly suggested I make a prosthetic leg out of legos. Please don't do this yourself, I don't want you to fall and get hurt! Sometimes, you just need to be silly."

    Okay, let's get started.

    The tools.

    Gotta have a good base.

    So damn delightful.

    Down to business.

    First test.

    Tighten it uuuuuup.

    Check the lennnngth real quick.

    Lego foot.

    Hi there, adorable lego leg.


    Job well done, Christina.

    Here's the full video.

    View this video on YouTube

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