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    24 Pictures That Prove Dogs Are The Perfect Weirdos We Need Right Now

    Dogs are more important than ever.

    1. In a time of great confusion, grief, and isolation, we should all be more grateful than ever for the steadfast companionship of humanity's best friend — dogs.

    2. Despite the peril and consternation around them, dogs remain unbridled weirdos.

    3. They still long to communicate, even in their own totally ridiculous way.

    When my dog wants attention he gently bites a piece of furniture, holds perfectly still, and makes aggressive eye contact. It’s pretty weird and very funny. Also it works.

    4. They still look for fun around every corner.

    5. They are, frankly, inspirational visionaries.

    6. There is something strangely reassuring about their relentless weirdness.

    u/ImQueative / Via

    7. It's almost like they know that we need them more than ever.

    8. They know they can effortlessly cheer us up.

    9. Even when they're tearing apart your house, you just gotta sit back and appreciate 'em.

    10. Right now, we need dogs'..."special" way of seeing the world.

    u/GettinRDunn / Via

    11. We need their stoic nature.

    12. We need their utter randomness to help make our days brighter.

    13. Day after day, dogs are just...there for us.

    u/tduff00 / Via

    14. They watch over us.

    15. They're part of the family.

    Basically every time we eat dinner my dog starts bawling so we got her a chair so she could be included and she hasn’t cried since😩😩😩

    16. Even if they find their own unique way of showing it.

    17. Sure, they're confused like 90% of the time.

    Every year. EVERY YEAR. Charlie always thinks the clementines are balls and just stares waiting for you to throw one.

    18. And they seem to constantly be doing things we can't explain.

    19. But they're frickin' pure.


    20. They're loving.

    21. They're loyal.

    22. They're inspiring.

    23. They are — I will say it again — downright weird.

    24. And thankfully, they're here for us when we need them most.

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