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    11 Very Smart People Who Have Done Very Dumb Things

    Don't worry, even geniuses are idiots.

    1. W.B. Yeats was denied a post at Trinity College in Dublin for spelling “professor” wrong on the application.

    2. Ben Franklin nearly killed himself giving an electric shock to a turkey.

    3. Charles Darwin ate an owl.

    4. Isaac Newton served in Parliament for a full year and only spoke one sentence.

    5. Einstein forgot his own address.

    6. Edgar Allan Poe split his pants playing leapfrog with his wife.

    7. Virginia Woolf accidentally baked her wedding ring into a pudding.

    8. Thomas Edison electrocuted an elephant.

    9. Steve Jobs let live snakes loose in his third grade classroom.

    10. Gertrude Stein wrote on her philosophy exam, "I am so sorry but I do not feel a bit like an examination in philosophy."

    11. Shakespeare couldn't decide how to spell his own name.