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21 Reasons Everyone Should Be Studying Finnish Street Style

Inspiration overload. All images courtesy of Helsinki-based blog Hel Looks.

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3. Tim, 24

Tim sums up his style pretty well: "Because I'm a grandmother in heart, I decided to wear floral patterns and mix them with see-through shirts. I guess you could describe my style a mix of tomboy and crazy catlady." Honestly, those pants, though. BOLD.


15. Helene, 27

"I usually buy all my clothes at 1 euro days at Humana second hand store in Tallinn. I make and modify clothes myself. I like 80s Madonna and Boy George."

Length, color, cut of that jacket... fantastic. Also: cool attitude.


17. Katja, 21

“My husband gave me the jacket as a gift. I like it because it reminds me of Andy Warhol. The skirt is second hand.”

"MY HUSBAND GAVE ME THE JACKET AS A GIFT." Helsinki husbands: so damn advanced.


21. Hanna, 50

“I'm wearing my daughter's hat, a 10 year old poncho, self-made gloves and socks and shoes I bought about 15 years ago in Salo... I think I don't need to buy new clothes anymore. I have everything I need for the rest of my life."

*nods vigorously*