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21 Reasons Everyone Should Be Studying Finnish Street Style

Inspiration overload. All images courtesy of Helsinki-based blog Hel Looks.

1. Iiris, 27

"This sweater makes me happy. It's half Liberace, half Henrik VIII." That's a sweater?! Good god that's amazing.

2. Heini-Maria, 22

Nothing to see here, it's just a KIMONO WITH BIRKENSTOCKS.

* faints *

* moves to Helsinki *

3. Tim, 24

Tim sums up his style pretty well: "Because I'm a grandmother in heart, I decided to wear floral patterns and mix them with see-through shirts. I guess you could describe my style a mix of tomboy and crazy catlady." Honestly, those pants, though. BOLD.

4. Elina, 31

Pretty inspired mixture of fabrics, colors, and patterns. There are a lot of creeper-esque shoes happening in Helsinki.

5. Tiina, 19

Actual quote: "I found these trousers at the recycling center and wanted to wear them tonight." VISIONARY.

6. Oiva, 6, Teemu, 36

Honestly don't even know where to start here.

7. Ama, 20

There is nothing that is not perfect and amazing about this. That jacket was 3 euros! Dammit, Finland.

8. Uula, 28

"I like to wear practical and long-lasting clothes in which I can walk straight from the forest to a restaurant." Of course you do. You are wearing the best vest I've ever seen and you are amazing.

9. Lauraliisa, 34

First of all: cool name. Second of all: You are a delightful cartoon character.

10. Iida, 24

More color, fabric, and pattern madness. Bonus roses! Best accessory.

11. Silja, 23

Are you human, or are you Benetton?

12. Antton, 24

Wisdom from Antton: "I chose this outfit because I wanted to show up. Happiness is stylish. My style tip: wear a hat." Perfection.

13. Emma, 22

Emma made that jacket herself. NO BIG DEAL. (Except yes, big deal.)

14. James, 24

Fact based on thorough research: Finland has the best sweaters.

15. Helene, 27

"I usually buy all my clothes at 1 euro days at Humana second hand store in Tallinn. I make and modify clothes myself. I like 80s Madonna and Boy George."

Length, color, cut of that jacket... fantastic. Also: cool attitude.

16. Aaro, 20

First thing Aaro has to say about his look is, "This is my standard outfit." The thing is, I believe him.

17. Katja, 21

“My husband gave me the jacket as a gift. I like it because it reminds me of Andy Warhol. The skirt is second hand.”

"MY HUSBAND GAVE ME THE JACKET AS A GIFT." Helsinki husbands: so damn advanced.

18. Jalmari, 21

Somehow this is both casual and comfortable-seeming, but also, like, CRISP. Fisherman's sweater turtleneck too — nice touch, guy.

19. Tia, 26

The contrasts are so good. Self-dyed muff + pearls. Long, elegant jacket + secondhand Docs. Just a little weird, but super fun.

20. Niia, 21

" inspires me." Bless you, Niia.

21. Hanna, 50

“I'm wearing my daughter's hat, a 10 year old poncho, self-made gloves and socks and shoes I bought about 15 years ago in Salo... I think I don't need to buy new clothes anymore. I have everything I need for the rest of my life."

*nods vigorously*