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    23 Dogs Who've Never Been Happier In Their Lives

    This is all we need in the world.

    1. No living being is more satisfied and adorable than a dog getting a belly rub.

    2. It's just science.

    renzcarb / Via

    3. The glee is overflowing.

    4. The excitement, contagious.

    5. Look into the eyes of these pups.

    6. I mean, the joy!!

    2legdogs / Via

    7. The frickin' smiles.

    8. Doesn't it make you wanna just find a pup and rub its belly right now??

    willhutnick / Via

    9. Find a furry dog!

    oscarmaltese / Via

    10. Or a small lil' weirdo!

    cattanion / Via

    11. A belly rub will make their dang day.

    12. They'll be so blissed out.

    blitzen_de_brat / Via

    13. You'll both be happy, honestly.

    14. The cuteness might actually be paralyzing.

    15. The faces they'll make are unforgettable.

    16. 👀

    17. Everyone wants to get in on the act and I GET IT.

    itsrosiedoodle / Via

    18. Time to zen out and rub that belly.

    presidentpancho / Via

    19. That pup will see the light.

    20. They'll be changed.

    21. Everyone wins.


    23. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

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