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    21 Photos Of Dogs And Kids Being Insanely Cute Together


    1. With a dog, kids learn that there's always someone on their team.

    2. They learn about friendship.

    Elena Shumilova
    Elena Shumilova

    3. And trust.

    4. They'll end up so close it's like they're twins.

    5. They'll always be at each other's side.

    6. Always pitching in.

    Newspix / Newspix/REX/Shutterstock

    7. Relying on each other.

    Jen Hendricks / Via Facebook: jen.hendricks

    8. Learning how to care for others.

    9. Learning how to love.

    10. How to show love.

    11. How to sacrifice yourself for others.

    Sajjad Hussain / AFP / Getty Images

    12. They'll have some really fun times.

    13. And always have a partner in crime.

    14. They'll be works of art, living in perfect harmony.

    15. Banded together.

    16. Learning the value of hard work.

    17. Learning the value of taking a well-earned break.

    Kevin Duffy / Via

    18. And make a friend for life.

    19. A bond of unconditional love.

    20. And commitment.

    21. Forever and ever, amen.

    thisgirlscores / Via

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