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19 Of The Most Upsetting Food Photos You'll Ever See


1. This "kool" situation.

need a girl who can cook like this in my life

2. This inventive soup sipper.

sarbeer / Via

3. This wickedly sad dinner.

PanicAtTheDiscGolf / Via

4. This truly upsetting meal for two.

bulletcurtain / Via

5. This Chef BoyarDON'T.

I_Think_Alot / Via

6. This improvised sandwichetti.

eltigre910 / Via

7. This dessert, which is literally "layered bologna cake with mayonnaise and mustard icing" and is very, very troubling.

The_Termayonator / Via

8. This objectively incorrect breakfast.

9. This desktop meal of beef and banana covered in ketchup. With a side of milk??

SpendingSpree / Via

10. This chef who's not giving Jiro anything to worry about.

11. This burger scientist who thought that Hot Pockets (?!) would be good buns?

LoafersOfNigget / Via

12. This incredibly suspect "medium-rare" meal.

13. This "breakfast," which is really just a bunch of totally random things in a bowl.


14. This confounding cereal decision.

15. This "pinacle of cuisine."

dourcream / Via

16. This foolhardy attempt at muffin magic.

Layered Bologna Cake with mayonnaise and mustard icing.

17. This terrifying can of "cheeseburger."

CDC_ / Via

18. This...chicken noodle a watermelon??

19. And finally this "cthurkey," aka an octopus-stuffed turkey with crab legs. Ya know, FOR YOUR NIGHTMARES.

flailking / Via

H/T to r/shittyfoodporn