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19 Of The Most Upsetting Food Photos You'll Ever See


1. This "kool" situation.

need a girl who can cook like this in my life

2. This inventive soup sipper.

3. This wickedly sad dinner.

4. This truly upsetting meal for two.

5. This Chef BoyarDON'T.

6. This improvised sandwichetti.

7. This dessert, which is literally "layered bologna cake with mayonnaise and mustard icing" and is very, very troubling.

8. This objectively incorrect breakfast.

9. This desktop meal of beef and banana covered in ketchup. With a side of milk??

10. This chef who's not giving Jiro anything to worry about.

11. This burger scientist who thought that Hot Pockets (?!) would be good buns?

12. This incredibly suspect "medium-rare" meal.

13. This "breakfast," which is really just a bunch of totally random things in a bowl.

14. This confounding cereal decision.

15. This "pinacle of cuisine."

16. This foolhardy attempt at muffin magic.

17. This terrifying can of "cheeseburger."

18. This...chicken noodle a watermelon??

19. And finally this "cthurkey," aka an octopus-stuffed turkey with crab legs. Ya know, FOR YOUR NIGHTMARES.

H/T to r/shittyfoodporn