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Non-Americans, Tell Me What Your First Impression Of Each US State Is

Dying to know what non-Americans think when they hear "Florida."

OK, so I know the US is huge, and contains multitudes. From the temperate beach culture of Southern California to the dramatic rocky landscapes of South Dakota's Badlands to the unique cultural gumbo of Louisiana, there's a lot going on with these 300 million people.

A map of America

I also know that some states have...colorful reputations.

"Police: Florida man pulled gun at Starbucks over cream cheese"

And I know that non-Americans have their fair share of views on how we Americans live.

"You're very loud as tourists. Speak at a normal volume, please."

So I'd like to do a little experiment. If you're a non-American, head down to the comments and tell me what your first impression is of each US state.

"excuse me ma'am, what do you think of idaho"

It could be a short thought.

"people who eat pasta and watch 'The Sopranos'"

Or even just a word.


Or maybe — bless you — an even more substantive point comes immediately to mind.

A man in a peach grove

I'll drop each state name and you can reply to start a thread with words/phrases/thoughts. And let us know where you're from!


Let's give it a go! 👇