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I Found 17 Really Dumb Pictures This Week That Also Happen To Be Really Funny

Featuring the best-worst drawing of a chameleon I've ever seen.

Hi y'all, hope everyone's had a good week. I'm hearing nonstop Christmas music from the coffee shop to the grocery store which is equal parts sweet and maddening. I did just watch the dazzling 1967 French musical The Young Girls of Rochefort for the first time last night and it was delightful beyond belief. Recommended if you like Singin' in the Rain or La La Land. If you don't have time for a full movie at the moment, hopefully, you can find some delight in these dumb, fun pics I found across the web this week!

And my weekly disclaimer: one of the quirks of the modern internet is how things appear, disappear, then reappear at random times, so not everything on the list below is strictly new, but it was all new to me.

1. First up: stupid, funny, and life-affirming:

raise hell, eat cornbread

2. You gotta love (and be horrified by) those "home for the holidays" family pantry discoveries:

Twitter: @ryanwmscreative

3. My bank account vigorously agrees with this meme:

4. I actually love it, though:

Twitter: @Alex_jonsie

5. So's great:

6. You cannot help but sing it:

Twitter: @natexrichards

7. ...still singin':

Twitter: @ImBillRay

8. 😇

9. 🎵 I'm at the Dunkin' Donuts / I'm at the IV Infusion Therapy / I'm at the Combination Dunkin' Donuts IV Infusion Therapy 🎵

10. Excellent merchandise, no notes:

11. The When Harry Met Sally white fisherman sweater walked so the Knives Out white fisherman sweater could run:

Twitter: @OCEANGlRL

12. Delightfully ominous:

13. Utterly stupid, you have to applaud:

Twitter: @shirtsthtgohard

14. Not sure about y'all but I'm intimidated:

15. Why? But also, why not?!

16. This is exactly something I would text:

Twitter: @MusicalChaotic

17. And finally, some respect for this poet:

Twitter: @weirddalle