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    17 Really Funny, Really Stupid Pictures That I Found This Week

    Maybe the stupidest batch I've found yet (in a good way).

    Hey y'all, hope it's been a good week. Other than bopping around the ol' web looking for funny and dumb pictures of stuff, I managed to also play some tennis (backhand needs work), see Saltburn (mixed feelings!), and play music with some pals (a blast). Mostly, though...I bopped around the ol' web looking for funny and dumb pictures of stuff. Hopefully they'll make a nice bookend to your equally lovely week.

    And my weekly disclaimer: One of the quirks of the modern internet is how things appear, disappear, then reappear at random times, so not everything on the list below is strictly new, but it was all new to me.

    Here we go 🤠

    1. My "SPIDER INFESTATION PROBLEM IS MOSTLY RESOLVED" sign has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my sign:

    2. I know an Acme crime scene when I see one:

    Twitter: @jamisonwebb

    3. Phillip   cheese   steak

    Twitter: @boltsfood

    4. Now these are the kinds of emails I want to get:

    Twitter: @MrToDamnFunny

    5. I'm definitely a garlic guy, but I'd never turn down a naan:

    Twitter: @shirtsthtgohard

    6. Honestly, I respect the composition:

    7. Fair question!

    8. My liege!

    Twitter: @hopes_revenge

    9. *squints*

    Twitter: @ali_sivi / Via

    10. Yes, excellent:

    Twitter: @NoContextHumans

    11. HUGE "father-in-law's mouse" energy:

    Twitter: @TownsUsa

    12. I'm dying to jump through the screen into this picture and launch a honeydew 3-pointer:

    Twitter: @NoContextHumans

    13. 1,000% accurate:

    14. A fantastic level of commitment to the (stupid) bit here:

    15. [William Wallace voice]

    Twitter: @mcpheeceo

    16. ... naturally:

    17. And finally: The long tale of Shrek's cultural legacy will be studied for centuries: