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    18 Pictures I Saw This Week That Are 100% Dumb But 100% Funny

    Join me on a journey through the better parts of the internet.

    Hello, fine people! In the year 2023, it's (depressingly) clear that the internet contains its fair share of rancor, divisiveness, and stupidity (bad). BUT, I dare to venture, that it also contains hilarity, creativity, and stupidity (good).

    I spend a good amount of my time sifting through the Bad Stuff and the Less Bad Stuff to find those nuggets of the Truly Fun Stuff. To balance out some of the gnarly things we see day to day via Al Gore's Series of Tubes, I figured it might be good to share some of the joyous bits discovered on my travels.

    I should note that one of the quirks of the modern internet is how things appear, disappear, then reappear at random times, so the list below isn't all strictly new, but it was all new to me

    Anyway, enjoy!

    1. OK, we're starting out strong, folks:

    Twitter: @DSzymborski

    2. There's really no other word for it:

    Twitter: @kimseverson

    3. As a geriatric millennial who has many "friends with kids," I recognized the desperation here immediately:

    A receipt

    4. The next few we can file under the category "Very dumb, but very good":

    Twitter: @creativeTypeDad


    Twitter: @ThanksThoth


    Twitter: @ThatSamWinkler


    Twitter: @MooseAllain

    8. I'll take Roman numeral humor wherever I can get it:

    "V Guys"

    9. Funny but also weirdly heartwarming?

    Twitter: @thrasherxy

    10. OK but not wrong!

    Twitter: @sixscosepoise

    11. Jhjkasdhljk:

    Twitter: @ben_rosen

    12. Oop:

    A map of Bosnia

    13. Damn...true:

    Packages of Garden Soil

    14. 🌠 The more you know 🌠

    Twitter: @thegallowboob

    15. Me every time:

    Twitter: @ihyric

    16. Hell yeah:

    Twitter: @kevinmulharin

    17. I have questions:

    Twitter: @awaitingtrial

    18. And finally, a truly iconic flyer:

    "I fish them out with my hands & I am getting sicker and sicker"

    If you saw anything on the internet that particularly delighted you recently, let me know in the comments! I'm always on the lookout for the good stuff.