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21 Animal Videos That Will Get You Through This Day

If this day/week/month/year is getting you down, this post is for YOU.

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1. This dog and his delightful doppleganger.

Facebook: video.php

3. This sweetly napping pair.

5. This very important ear tilt reveal.

Facebook: video.php

6. This golden sandwich.

7. This dynamic duo.

8. This much-deserved boxer appreciation vid.

Facebook: video.php

10. This tiny try-er.

I wouldn't say he's good at digging but he gave 110%

11. This serendipitous superzoom.

i tried using the superzoom option on instagram with my dog and this happened

12. This set of missed connections.

13. This compilation of dogs on dogs.

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14. This infectious exuberance.

so doggy school exists and this little guy is so excited to go 😫

15. This furry musical collaborator.

17. These 90 seconds of puppy love.

Facebook: video.php

18. This daring dive.

This is the funniest video ever end of story

19. This precious tucked-in cutie.

Look how precious! She just wanted to be tucked in

21. This very necessary ode to mini horses.

Facebook: video.php

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