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19 Pictures That Prove Cats Truly Don't Give A Damn

Cat: *makes direct eye contact, then knocks your glass right off the table*

1. Not only do cats not understand the concept of personal property...

2. ...or personal space...

3. ...or personal hygiene...

4. ...they fundamentally don't understand right and wrong.

5. The world is their playground.

6. Everything revolves around them.

7. Your life is a plaything.

8. And they COULD. NOT. CARE. LESS.

9. The only thing that matters is them.

10. Your affection? Annoying.

11. Your household? In tatters.

12. Your possessions? Worthless.

13. With "don't give a fuck" behavior comes "don't give a fuck" attitude.

14. Your hard work < their momentary comfort.

15. There's no time for sentiment.

16. There's no regard for rules.

17. All that's left is that look, the "so what?" look.

18. It all seems a bit arbitrary. But I guess that's what not giving a fuck is all about.

19. Somehow, though, they're still frickin' cute enough to win you over.

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