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    Posted on Aug 7, 2013

    Ashton Kutcher Talks In Depth About His Preparation To Play Steve Jobs

    The man himself responded to a Quora question about his prep work.

    "I started by watching documentaries and interviews about him and collecting Youtube content and Soundcloud files."

    Glen Wilson / AP

    "What I was looking for was patterns on consistent behavior and ideals."

    JACQUES DEMARTHON / Getty Images

    "I then started to dissect the nuances of his behavior..."

    Alexandra Wyman/Staff / Getty Images

    "...the walk, the fact that he has an almost imperceptible lisp..."

    "... his accent that was a combination of northern California and Wisconsin..."

    Justin Sullivan/Staff / Getty Images

    "... the way he paused before [an] answer and nodded in understanding..."

    "... the way he bowed in namaste when receiving praise, and stared with contempt when in conflict."

    Sean Gallup/Staff / Getty Images

    "I noticed how he used his hands to talk and how he counted with his fingers (pinky finger first), how he used the words 'aaaaand' and 'noooow' to think about what he was going to say next."

    Justin Sullivan/Staff / Getty Images

    "Once armed with this external impression I wanted to get a better feel of why he saw the world the way he did."

    AP / AP

    "I wanted to know why he liked what he liked and pursued what he pursued."

    "So I started to consume what he consumed."

    Twitter: @aplusk

    "[Reading] books he read: Paramahansa Yogananda, Autobiography of a Yogi; Arnold Ehret, Mucusless Diet Healing System; Ram Dass, Be Here Now."

    "Researching the artists he admired: Bauhaus, Folon, Ansel Adams."

    Tom Munnecke and Getty / Francois Durand / Getty Images

    "Eating the food he ate: Grapes, Carrot Juice, Popcorn."

    KVS/Pedro Andrade, ©

    "Studying the Entrepreneurs he admired: Edison, Edwin Land."

    Barry Brecheisen / AP

    "Then I met with the people that he knew and worked with to unravel some of the subtle quirks and conflicted decision making that I couldn't rationalize."

    KVS/Pedro Andrade, ©

    "Alan Kay, Avi Tevanian, Jeffery Katzenberg, Mike Hawley, and many others were phenomenal resources."

    "But in the end one of the greatest tells of the man were his creations."

    Justin Sullivan/Staff / Getty Images

    "They were elegant, intelligent, thoughtful, precise, artistic, bold, visionary, complicated, efficient, fun, entertaining, powerful, imperfect, and beautiful on the inside and out.... Just like Steve."

    In case you're wondering if it's really Ashton writing on Quora:

    And if he's being stage managed somehow:

    Case closed.

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