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22 Pictures Of A+ Parenting

Parenting Level: Expert

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1. This proud mama.

2. This dad, who not only helped his daughter dress up as Han Solo but also got himself Princess Leia'd.

Tom Burns / Via

3. This mom, who has taught her kid some PRIORITIES.

4. This dad, coming to the rescue on Halloween.

5. These resourceful parents.

6. This dad who had a perfectly over-the-top response to an allowance request.

7. This DIYin' dad.

8. These take-no-prisoners parents.

9. This technologically savvy ma.

11. This parent to some real gourmands.

12. This dad, who takes personal safety VERY seriously.

13. This parent, providing a truly magical moment.

14. This enterprising pop.

Last time I washed her hair shampoo got in her eyes and she screamed the house down. Not again my child, not again…

15. This mom who knows that "close enough" is sometimes fine.

Lori Wolfson / Via

16. This Street Fighter-lovin' pop who's trained his baby well.

17. These trolling parents who are really here to just live it up.

So my parents made this today when we left for school.....

18. This sly mom.

19. This dad, taking it all in stride.

20. This master of surprises.

21. And this truly dedicated parent who's a child at heart.

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