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    17 Tips For Being A Better Best Man

    It takes more than just staying sober for your toast. You should definitely do that too, though.

    1. Make a list of duties.

    In addition to the obvious ones, there's delivering the fee to the wedding officiant, signing the marriage license and much more. Check out this Real Simple checklist for a comprehensive list.

    2. Make sure your suit actually fits. / Via

    The groom may choose the suit style and tie color, but not looking like a baggy mess is on you.

    3. Get the shoes right.

    4. Clip-ons need not apply.

    5. Wear the best boutineer ever.

    For you truly are The Hand. Get it here.

    6. If you're booking hotel rooms for the bachelor party, haggle.

    Saving all the groomsmen cash with a group rate or wrangling some upgrades is a good look. Here are some booking tips.

    7. Or, just use Airbnb or HomeAway.


    It'll usually be cheaper and it's a nice antidote to the cliche "suite at the Palms" style bro blowout.

    8. On the wedding day, come prepared.

    Everyone else will either be too nervous or too wasted to think about maybe needing sewing supplies or Advil. Instant stain remover also essential.

    9. Don't trust the ring bearer.

    Cute? Sure. To be trusted with 2398723 carats? Nope. Give 'em a knockoff and keep the real rock in your pocket.

    10. Do not prance, cartwheel or moonwalk down the aisle.


    This day isn't about you, buddy.

    11. Keep your toast to a few short remarks and drop the mic.

    Flickr: leodirac

    There's nothing worse than a long rambling speech. Also important: don't try to be funny if you're not. IT WILL NOT END WELL.

    12. Don't read from prepared remarks.

    It's better to just speak from your heart if you get lost. People respond to realness, even if you flounder a bit.

    13. For more speech advice, try Reddit.


    Yes, really. There are a lot of surprisingly helpful tips in this thread. And only one finger bang reference.

    14. Once the real party starts, have taxi service information ready.

    Flickr: joshbousel

    For... overly enthusiastic guests.

    15. Don't forget to dance with moms. / Via

    You should be the party glue.

    16. If you're going to decorate the wedding car, keep it simple.

    17. Above all, stick to your groom.

    Whenever you catch yourself having a great time, stop and make sure your best friend is having an even better time.