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    Jul 16, 2013

    16 Animals Learning To Love The Kiddie Pool

    Come on in, the water's fine.

    1. Don't be scared, buddy. This is gonna be GREAT.

    2. You're curious, I know.

    Joop Snijder Photography

    3. Have a splash before you get in. Totally.

    4. Almost therrrrrrrrrrre.

    And we're in.

    5. Pad around the shallow end, get acclimated.

    6. Really test the waters.

    7. Grizzly wants in on the action.

    Dennis Dow/Woodland Park Zoo


    8. Feel free to relax. Scope out the scene.

    BILL ROTH/MCT /Landov

    9. Maybe do some laps.

    10. Now you're having fun. The CUTEST fun.

    ©2010 Paul A. Selvaggio / Via

    11. Elephantplay.

    12. You might make a new friend.

    Robert Maxwell

    Hey, Jude.

    13. Pool partyyyyyyyyy.

    14. There's almost too much excitement.

    15. You may think you're just about done.

    16. COUNTERPOINT: Kiddie pools are so refreshing and perfect, you should probably just never get out.

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