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This Guy's Face Accidentally Became A Meme For Sarcasm And It's Glorious

Meet Kappa, the sarcastic Twitch meme and your new frenemy.

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Kappa is an emote used on Twitch, a streaming platform where gamers gather to broadcast their gameplay to millions of viewers.

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The grayed-out face belongs to a former employee named Josh. would later become Twitch Interactive when the streaming website decided to focus strictly on streaming video gameplay. Now, Twitch — purchased by Amazon in 2014 for $970 million — is one of the most popular sites on the Internet.

Kappa is just one out of thousands of emotes on Twitch.

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To use them on the website, you simply type a corresponding word (in this case, "Kappa") into the chat box. When you hit enter to send your message, an emote will appear in place of the word.

Because Kappa allows the Internet gaming community to express a long-desired and elusive emotion: sarcasm.

It's legit useful.

Kappa, by definition of the Internet, has become associated with "sarcasm" and "trolling."

No one really knows why Kappa was chosen to be imbued with this power of sarcasm.

But it's reached the point where, not only has his iconic gray face become synonymous with Internet sarcasm, but the actual word "Kappa" is understood in the same way.

Oh, this is WAY better than a free trip to Universal Studios. #Kappa

For all intents and purposes, "Kappa" has entered the lexicon of the Internet gaming community.

When you accidentally say "kappa" to your aunt and she's like....wat

My mom is complaining that I'm not tweeting enough. Does this count? #Kappa

Constantly sneezing at work today. Clearly this means I'm allergic to my job & must be sent home. Medicine is family, food & alcohol #kappa

So I just decided that #religion is the biggest troll ever. #Kappa

Can't believe america is 2015 years old #kappa

Moving is fun. Especially during the summer. #kappa

Kappa is also used when you feel you are being wronged — as if the universe decided to troll you.

I'm glad that no matter how many times I tell Twitter its "while you were away" feature was not useful it keeps coming back. #Kappa

WebMD told me I have a sprained wrist. #Kappa

Basically, Kappa describes the most basic and essential emotions perpetuated and/or created by the Internet.

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The two faces of Kappa allows us to ill our grievances and grieve others. Isn't that what the Internet was originally created for anyway?