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26 Times Tumblr Gave You Unrealistic Home Decor Goals

I want to go to there.

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1. When it was sleek and sexy.

2. When it was an actual place you could see yourself comfortably reading a book.

3. Or spending hours looking out your window.

Rebecca Caridad / Via

4. When it was library af.

5. When. It. Was. Library. AF.

6. When it was an accurate representation of the jealousy you feel every time you walk by a nice house.

7. When it found a way to blend classic antiquities with modern luxuries.

Joachim Guanzon / Via

8. When it was whimsical af.

kmldesign / Via

9. When it was broke decor af, but still beautiful.

AKA ~minimalism~

10. When it was white.

11. When it was gray.

12. When it was an explosion of pastels.

13. When it found that perfect accent color.

14. When it made you feel like you could be productive.

15. When it was kitchen af.

16. And restaurant af.

17. When it was sparse, but still cozy.

18. When it was isolated and tranquil.

19. When it looked like a good place to nap.

20. When it also gave you desk goals.

21. When it looked like the ultimate Airbnb.

22. When it was beautifully rustic.

23. When it was angular and functional.

24. When it was an organizational masterpiece.

25. When it gave you clean-floor envy.

26. And when it was literally everything combined to create a heavenly home.