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18 Reasons You Shouldn't Be Ashamed Of Singing In Your Car

Based on real science.

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It's called singing in your car.

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It's hardly revolutionary and it's not some big secret, but — judging by looking at other drivers on the road — not enough of you are doing it.

3. And not giving two fucks about the guy who just cut you off.

4. It will boost your confidence.

5. And give you an opportunity to perform your heart out in a safe space.

6. Which means quality vocal practice.

Speaking of high notes, you will think you're becoming a better vocalist (which isn't actually true, but you think you're getting better at something which is important!).

7. And a chance to work on your dance moves.

Which really means hand gestures and shoulder bopping, but STILL.

8. It helps you break the ice and get comfortable with other people.

Most passionate car singers will only perform around people they are comfortable with, which makes perfect sense: it's a very raw and vulnerable time. But doing it around people you normally wouldn't is liberating.

9. For quiet types, it's a chance to let your freak flag fly.

10. For loud people, it's a chance to keep being loud.

12. And a creative one.

Nobody knows the lyrics to everything, and sometimes you have to improvise.

14. You learn to live without fear of embarrassment.

When you're feeling your jam, you're feeling your jam. And nobody is going to stop you.